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Catalan Law 9/2014 on Industrial Safety

On 6th August the Catalan Law 9/2014 on industrial safety of sites, facilities and products entered into force. This new Law at a glance:

  • The legal regime for approval of inspection bodies is replaced for another one based on the “statement of compliance” (i.e. affidavit).
  • Simplification of the requirements to act as an inspection body.
  • In the field of industrial safety the Law introduces different administrative provisions in order to simplify and reduce administrative burdens, as the use of the “statement of compliance” for certain documentation.

This law is applicable to:

  • The “Major Accidents” sites (i.e. sites included in the Seveso Directive);
  • The facilities and products that, due to its sources of risks, can cause damage or injury to persons, properties or the environment as a result of an accident; and
  • Operators of industrial safety and, more specifically, the control bodies operating in the technical regulations for industrial safety.

However, this Law does not introduce any new mandatory technical requirement for sites, facilities and products subject to technical regulations for industrial safety, or subject to European directives for technical harmonization of products.

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